Scott Pilgrim Meets StarStruck (In My Brain!)

I’ve been obsessed with Scott Pilgrim vs. the World since seeing it in the theater. I hadn’t read the graphic novels; it was one of those background works I was aware of, but only as a shadow in my peripheral vision. I’ve actually been obsessed since I saw a teaser trailerwith Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s Ramona Flowers delivering the line, “Defeat,” to Scott Pilgrim.

I bought the Blu-ray, and with minor exceptions, watched everything on it twice, including all four commentaries. Yes, four commentaries, twice.

What has this done to me? About an hour ago I added my contribution to the Sword & Laser Group’s thread, Top favorite authors! I struggled to make an honest list of five, and considered capping it off with Elaine Lee, but went with Isaac Asimov.

Who is Elaine Lee? She wrote the script for StarStruck, her aw–amazing graphic novel, illustrated by Michael Wm. Kaluta. Last year, it was updated by Elaine and Michael, and re-released by IDW in a thirteen issue comic book. I bought the books and will buy the collected edition when it is released (It better be!). I am about to become obsessed with StarStruck for the third time in my life. If you don’t know StarStruck, this guy can explain it.

What has this done to me? I finished the Sword & Laser author list, stopped thinking about it, closed my laptop, slipped it into it’s bag, and went downstairs to use the facilities (I’m writing this in one of my two favorite coffee shops). While downstairs, I bought a slice of pie (they have their own bakery), climbed back to the mezzanine, opened my laptop, and suddenly my brain cast the role of Star Struck’s Galatia 9 in the movie that, as far as I know, no one is planning to make: It’s Brie Larson, the way she looked in the role of Envy Adams in Scott Pilgrim. Look at Michael Kaluta’s art; look at the photo of Elaine Lee playing the role in the original stage play; then look at Brie Larson’s Envy Adams on stage singing Black Sheep — perfect!

Ah . . . Sweet obsession.


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