Camp NaNoWriMo, July 2014

Note to self: Never try to foretell, at the end of a blog post, what the next post will be about — it never is — and never claim to predict when the next post will appear — in never does.
Camp NaNoWriMo starts in less than a half hour from now, from just now, as I am typing the first draft of this. If I’m lucky, this post will be ready by midnight. I’ve been spinning my wheels for a couple of years. I don’t know if anything will change. 
Fun tool note: I’m late to the party, but I’m typing this on my iPad Air using a Bluetooth keyboard. Why this and not my MacBook? I like this higher resolution screen — no hint of aliasing; it’s easier to look at, and the iPad has much better battery life. My MacBook Air is acting as a desktop computer most of the time.
Writing tools: I’m trying out a combination of Ulysses on the desktop and Daedalus on the iPad. They store files on iCloud and Dropbox, giving me the computer and iPad collaboration that is still only a promise from Scrivener. It neither has all the cool toys of Scrivener, in fact, they use basic Markdown formatting.


Two minutes to midnight; gotta go!

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