How I’ve Been Writing Lately—Part 2

Oh, hey. How about an example?
(I just made this up. It’s not good.)


Prickly stars are strewn about in the haphazard way stars distribute themselves. A teeny-tiny virtual speck of the universe becomes real, blooms, and pops—POIT!—spitting out a stubby egg-shaped canister. The canister is beaten up, venting volatiles.


Two entities of a vaguely frog-like, vaguely humanoid shape are encased in spacesuits and floating in webbed harnesses.

Gleg⁠– Whoo-wee! That was a close one!2

Glack⁠– Dumb luck is what it was.

Gleg⁠– (Wrestling with the harness)3 How the poit pot do you get out of these things!

Glack⁠– (Reaching through the web to one of its wall anchors) Press this button, right here.

Glack’s harness releases and retracts into a ball of straps floating next to aer4 head.

  1. Screenplay style slug line, for now 
  2. Dialogue format. 
  3. Script style parenthetical. 
  4. Gender-neutral space pirate pronoun. 

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